December 2023


Already 18-months since the beginning of WhiteCycle project and great progress is being made !

November was an exciting time, with the first dissemination workshop held at the Michelin R&D center in Clermont-Ferrand, France, followed by a 2-day Steering Committee.We were happy to share some of the consortium’s technical results to the public during our workshop and hope this event met the expectations.
The following Steering Committee was important for working together and strengthening the collective. The entire team is as motivated as ever to continue the journey towards textile circularity, and build the first tires, hoses and garments with Whitecycle rPET in 2024 !

Stay tuned !


Sébastien NOEL
WhiteCycle Coordinator - MICHELIN


Some WhiteCycle partners have exciting news to share

Carbios obtains building and operating permits world’s first PET bio recycling plant in Longlaville 

Carbios announces that it has been granted the building permit and operating authorization for the world’s first PET recycling plant, allowing construction to start. The plant will be built in Longlaville (54) in the Grand-Est Region on a 13.7-hectare site adjacent to the existing PET production plant of Indorama Ventures, its strategic partner. This state-of-the-art facility, scheduled for commissioning in 2025, will play a crucial role in the fight against plastic pollution by providing an industrial-scale enzymatic recycling solution for PET waste. Carbios’ technology enables PET circularity and offers an alternative raw material to virgin fossil-based monomers, allowing PET producers, chemical companies, waste management firms, public entities, and brands to have an effective solution to meet regulatory requirements and fulfill their sustainability commitments. The plant will have a processing capacity of 50,000 tons of post-consumer PET waste per year (mostly waste that is non-recyclable mechanically, equivalent to 2 billion colored PET bottles or 2.5 billion PET food trays) and will generate 150 direct and indirect jobs in the region.

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KORDSA and its sister company ÇİMSA have opened a cutting-edge technology center at Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Sabancı Holding unveils its first European Technology Center in Munich. This center is focused on sustainable and advanced material technologies and will serve as a hub for innovation and research for Sabancı Group companies ÇİMSA and Kordsa. The team will be developing high-tech, tailor-made products for sectors that are shaping the material revolution in the world, such as advanced building materials, composite technologies, and construction reinforcement. Total number of R&D Centers of Sabancı Group has reached 8 with Sabancı Technology Center in Munich that has 8 laboratories and employees from 6 different nationalities.

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The consortium is composed of 16 european partners and their different fields of expertise. This edition completes our analysis of WhiteCycle’s brand owners with Estato, Institut P' and IFTH.
Focus on Estato

Since 1994, ESTATO covers the complete workshop disposal of different branch networks in European automotive sector and takes care of all environmental and energy consulting issues. All recyclable materials such as used tyres, car batteries, scrap metals, oil filters, operating fluids, or packaging materials are collected and professionally processed and disposed of in the operated recycling centres. ESTATO as a certified waste and energy management company is an industrial partner for numerous regional, national, and international customers. One of the main pillars of the business model is the sorting and mechanical recycling of used tyres.  With a current processing capacity of around 10 million end-of-life tyres per year one of the largest tyre recycling plants in Europe and one of the leading suppliers of high-quality secondary raw materials from tyres.

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Focus on Institut P'


PPRIME Institute (P’) is the second largest research laboratory of CNRS in the field of Physical Sciences for the Engineers. Its research activities cover a large range of topics from physics of materials to fluid mechanics, tribology, and electrostatics. This multi- and trans-disciplinary expertise, recognized at both national and international levels, favors the synergies between different disciplines/subjects, and enable the institute to respond appropriately to the needs of the socio-economic sector. The privileged areas of application are transportation and energy, with special consideration given to environmental aspects.

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Focus on IFTH

IFTH is the French technological reference center for the fashion, textile, and clothing sectors. The IFTH role is dual: to provide technical, technological, and specific solutions to business needs, and to feed the textile and clothing ecosystem to promote growth, sustainable development, and relocation of activities in the territory. IFTH brings expertise in:

- Research and Innovation, involving productsand
processes of the whole value chain of the textile and clothing Industry, through many funded collaborative R&D projects.
- Testing, standardization, and certification
- General and specific training for the preservation of the know-how and the development of skills.          

To facilitate the transfer to Industry, IFTH has several semi-industrial engineering platforms to elaborate and validate some concepts, for pilot trials and prototyping.

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First WhiteCycle dissemination workshop was a success!

The event aimed at highlighting the objectives and initial progress of WhiteCycle project. On 28th November 2023, more than 90 participants - manufacturers, equipment suppliers in the recycling sector, institutions, and partners in European projects - gathered at the LADOUX Campus, at Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand, France, to attend the first dissemination event of the results of the European WhiteCycle project (2022-2026). This was an opportunity for the 16 partners in the consortium to discuss the project and present their progress on recycling PET in complex materials.

‍Our warmest thanks to all the speakers and participants who contributed to the success of the day!

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WhiteCycle was present at EcoSystex conference, held in Barcelona on October 2023

WhiteCycle project is part of EcoSystex, the European Community of Practice for a Sustainable Textile Ecosystem, which has been formally launched in early 2023, with a mission to accelerate collaboration in the textile sustainability and circularity field.

WhiteCycle partners attended the EcoSystex conference held in Barcelona from October
18 to 20.
The event brough together a diverse community of researchers, business leaders and policy-makers committed to promoting innovation and sustainability in the textile sector.

Our partners in the photo from left to right:
Alexandra Poch Sola (Iris Technology Solutions SL), Stephanie Nesbitt (Michelin), August Hubert Wierling (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences), Valeria Jana Schwanitz (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) and Sébastien Noel (Michelin)

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  • 7 – 8 February 2024 : PETcore Europe Annual Conference 2024, Brussels, Belgium
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  • 13 – 14 March 2024 : 6th Forum Plastic Recyclates, Darmstadt, Germany
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  • 12 – 14 June 2024 : European Plastics Distribution Association – Annual Conference 2024, Helsinki, Finland
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  • 19 -20 June 2024 - Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2024 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
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  • 1 – 2 October 2024 – Plastics Recycling Technology Conference 2024 - Vienna, Austria
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ECOSYSTEX and CISUTAC at WhiteCycle Workshop
Press release

Michelin honoured for its tyre containing 45% renewable materials
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